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Fame at last! Fame at Last!

I was surprised recently while walking across Grand Canal Square in Dublin to be photographed, to be featured on the Humans of Dublin website. I had heard of the original Humans of New York book and was interested to hear that there was a Dublin version of the same idea.

I was asked to relate something interesting from my life, but rather than bring shame on my family, I used the opportunity to talk about my book on Spanish Fiestas and was delighted some days later to see my picture and story on their website.

I learned just a few things from the encounter;

Never expect when interviewed to be quoted exactly!

I never said that the rat throwing fiesta was my favourite. I did say that it was one of the weirdest!

From browsing their website, I learned that everyone has something of worth to share.

Shortly after I also learned that mentioning anything about fiestas in Spain will lead to being unmercifully trolled on Facebook by animal rights activists, none of whom, naturally enough, had read the book!

You can see my moment of fame on the humans of Dublin website Here

The very fine original Humans of New York is available on Amazon Humans of New York

The very fine Humans of Dublin book is available on Amazon Humans of Dublin

 Unfortunately, I only appear on the website, not in the book!

Most importantly, if you wish to attend the rat throwing festival it will next take place in Puig, Valencia, next January the 28th in honour of San Pedro Nolasco.

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